Illustrated flock of birds gathered in the sky, seen through a forest-lined clearing against some sparse clouds

< Moving Forward

Artist's Statement

My work is often inspired by groupings of birds, morphing into seemingly choreographed shapes and patterns, as they make their way across the sky. This symbolizes our sense of community and the ability to become more than our own individual sums, as we work and transform as a group.

This piece speaks to that unity and shared sense of purpose, something that is symbolic of how our province has come together during the current crisis. In this piece, the birds convey motion and momentum, while being surrounded by the line of trees that help frame where we are now and encourage us to see the potential that lies ahead. Here, the birds operate as a cohesive force of nature that are moving forward in unison. Much like Albertans and ATB, they are moving together toward hope and optimism and better days ahead.

The landscape that frames them is quintessentially Albertan—rustic, rugged, and ethereally beautiful. These elements are familiar to Albertans and to anyone who knows anything about our province. The colour palette is ATB’s and in this piece it helps create a feeling of warmth, light, and purpose.

Jeff Sylvester, Edmonton