Stakeholder Engagement

ATB is constantly working to better serve Albertans. We do that by looking to our team members, our suppliers, our community partners, and most importantly, our customers and asking them what we can do to make banking work for them. The chart below contains more detail on how we connect with each group and the metrics we use to help us track our progress.


Engagement channels


Our shareholder (the Province of Alberta)

  • ATB’s Board Chair provides regular reports to the President of the Alberta Treasury Board and Minister of Finance.
  • ATB’s CEO provides regular reports to the Deputy Minister of Alberta’s Treasury Board and to the Minister of Finance.
  • The Minister provides direction and feedback to the Board and the CEO during the annual strategic planning process.
  • ATB provides information to the Superintendent of Financial Institutions on an ongoing basis, consistent with the requirements of our mandate and roles document.
  • Each quarter, the Superintendent of Financial Institutions reviews our financial results as well as the minutes of all major management committee and board committee meetings.
  • ATB holds an annual public meeting open to all customers, team members and interested community members.

Our team members

  • We survey team members twice per year to obtain feedback on their overall experience working at ATB as well as to obtain a measure of engagement.
  • All team members have access to Google Currents, where they can receive, post and comment on relevant information for that community.
  • ATB’s intranet site promotes team member interaction and engagement.
  • Our CEO, Curtis Stange, spends at least 15 minutes with all team members each week in a segment called “Fridays in 15.” During this time, Curtis gives team members insight into what’s on his mind and responds to questions.
  • Any team member can directly contact our President and CEO and Strategic Leadership Team.
  • Each area of expertise / strategic support unit has regularly scheduled meetings and/or broadcasts where leaders share high-level updates and team members are encouraged to ask questions to their leaders.
  • “Dear John” is a Google app where Everyday Financial Services (EFS) team members have the opportunity to share their voice. It is open for any and all ideas about our products and services, how we can transform and elevate our customer experience, or let us know when something isn’t working properly. The tool has received more than 7,150 submissions, including 850 this year alone.
  • ATB is subject to the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act (PIDA). Under the Board-approved safe disclosure policy, team members may anonymously contact an external service provider to issue suggestions and complaints.

Our customers

  • Customer loyalty is measured through our Customer Advocacy Index (CAI) in all areas of expertise. (Everyday Financial Services, Business, and ATB Wealth)
  • Service Quality Evaluation studies are completed with new customers joining ATB as well as disappointed customers leaving ATB. We use what we learn to improve our products, processes, and customer service.
  • My Two Cents Panel is an ATB owned and operated customer panel where in-house researchers run studies with our customers. Along with the ability to run our own independent study, we have the opportunity to include questions in a quarterly omnibus study to receive regular feedback on all aspects of our service.
  • The Customer Intelligence team exists to hear the Voice of the Customer (VoC), which is a program focused on collecting customer feedback, mining that feedback for insights, and then incorporating the insights into business decisions.
  • We record every call to ATB Client Care and mine the conversations for insights.
  • We have a formalized Customer Feedback Policy that guides customers should they have concerns.
  • We use social media to directly engage customers.
  • We engage small and medium-sized business owners through our Business area of expertise and our Entrepreneur Centres.
  • Anyone can directly contact our President and CEO at
  • The Owl is a daily economic forecast produced by our economists.
  • ATB Investor Beat is a quarterly report providing insight into Albertans’ saving and investing behaviours.
  • ATB leaders and experts participate in business and community events across the province.
  • Marketing campaigns invite Albertans to engage in conversations with ATB in support of ATB’s brand promise to listen.
  • Every quarter, we engage a representative sample of Albertans who do not use ATB to assess their willingness to bank with ATB and their perceptions of ATB as a company.

CAI is based on willingness to recommend ATB (Say) and the intention to continue to use ATB (Stay). We classify customers as advocates, committed, indifferent, or detractors. The derived CAI is a weighted average of the categories. The CAI score ranges from -20 to 90.

Our suppliers

  • As a Crown Corporation, ATB is subject to the US Mexico Canada Agreement and the New West Partnership Trade Agreement.
  • Vendor Resources Website is an online portal for ATB vendors.
  • Alberta Purchasing Connection is the Province of Alberta’s website for managing public purchasing opportunities.

Our community partners

  • ATB has a Corporate Social Responsibility team that engages with our community partners on an ongoing basis.
  • ATB has a Community Initiatives team that manages our corporate sponsorships across the province.
  • We have an online application portal for donation and sponsorship requests on
  • We use to address inquiries regarding applications for funding.

Privacy Scorecard

We take the privacy of all our stakeholders very seriously and stringently track reports of privacy infringement so that we are compliant with all applicable legislations. You can find more info about this in the Management’s Discussion and Analysis .

Metric FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 target Action plan
Substantiated reports of privacy infringement 122 213 0 Monitor privacy infringement trends to develop targeted training and provide suitable and timely guidance to assist branch resolution of incidents. Increase the number of privacy updates to team members on current trends for prevention and awareness.